Continuous Moisture Extraction 

The ATMoS on line system dries both, liquid and solid insulating media, in a gentle way, whereas the interval drying by mobile devices exerts high stresses on all transformer components.

Dirt Removal

Industrial particle filters safely remove suspended dirt particles and prevent the generation of oil sludge. Hence, ATMoS prevents sludge accumulation and decrease of the dielectric strentgh.

Simple Handling

The ATMoS system is simply structured and easy to operate. It is delivered completely assembled and filled with filter granulate and transformer oil. (Delivery without oil on request).

Remote Control 

The status information is available at any time via the integrated measurement electronics and the remote control. The changing intervals of the adsorbtion and particle filter cartridges can be indicated via  GSM module, optionally  via SMS.


After commissioning, only visible checks need to be carried out regularly to control the normal operation of the system. In case of a leakage, a sensor in the cath basin transmits an alarm signal and the system is shut down.

Economic Efficiency 

The procurement and operation costs of the ATMoS system are low. Considering the enhanced safety due to the minimised dielectric risk and the significant deceleration of the aging process, a rewarding investment!


It is not possible for the extracted moisture to return to the insulation system: The filter material is not sensitive to fluctuating ambient temperatures and will release the moisture only at a temperature beyond +180°C.


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