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Continuous moisture extraction from liquid and solid insulation decelerates the aging process of  transformers considerably. The permanently installed ATMoS system achieves this cost efficient and with easy operation.

New Transformers

The moisture content of the solid insulation in new transformers amounts to <0,5%. The ATMoS system prevents further moisture formation and maintains the low moisture level.

Transformers in service

ATMoS minimises the moisture content in any transformer, regardless of its age. After some years of service, the moisture content in most transformers amounts to over 2%. By taking advantage of the moisture equilibrium in solid and liquid insulation, ATMoS reduces the moisture content in the cellulose insulation and maintains the low level in the long run.

Overhauled transformers

After maintenance at the factory, the moisture content of the insulation amounts to approx. 0,5%. Being installed at this point of time, ATMoS keeps the moisture level costanly low.

In all weathers

All materials of ATMoS are designed for operation regardless of weather conditions. Stainless steel components, couplings and hoses are mounted inside a weatherproof housing and resist even rough coastal climate. The electric cabinet complies to protection class IP 65. Mounted directly to the transformer or in the close vicinity, ATMoS works independently from temperature or precipitation.


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