Aging factor n° 1: Moisture

The water content of the insulation system of oil-paper insulated transformers directly effects the transformers’s dielectric strength and with this, operational safety and lifetime.

Moisture in the insulation system is generated during the normal aging process – the long chained carbon molecules in the oil transform, H2O is released as decomposition product. Besides, the moisture content increases by damp permeation during maintenance or through tiniest leaks. The higher the moisture content in the oil, the faster the decomposition process of the cardboard and paper insulation: The risk of silting also increases by a rising moisture content and effects the dielectric strength, as well.

The drying of the insulation system and maintenance of this dry state directly effect your power transformer’s operational safety and lifetime!

Our online drying and filter system ATMoS is a highly efficient, material saving and profitable way to dry your transformer’s insulating system and: To keep this dry state. The ATMoS is installed directly to your transformer or in close vicinity and permanently absorbs the moisture from the oil. A moisture disequilibrium in the insulating system is generated. The moisture in the solid insulation diffuses into the drier oil from where it is removed by the molecular sieves of our system. Until the target value is reached, the disequilibrium constantly remains and moisture is permanently removed. We carry out this process during normal operation of your transformer, no shutdown or even disassemlby is required. This drying method means considerably less stress for your transformers than the common high temperature procedures; Additional particle filters remove suspended particles to avoid sludge and, too,  increase the dielectric strength.

Dry and clean your transformer’s insulation system with

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ATMoS in service, safety relevant details

ATMoS in service, safety relevant details


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