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Transformers are security relevant. Due to the huge oil quantity in connection with high voltage, transformers belong to the most critical equipment components.

By preventive maintenance and systems like ATMoS (see Moisture Control: ATMoS), risks can be minimised, but not completely deleted. The common safety measures such as fire protection walls or fire extinguishing systems only help reducing the consequences of the accident for persons or materials in close vicinity – but they do not prevent the explosion in principle. The damaged transformer is not possible to repair, high costs for downtimes and procurement of a new transformer arise.

TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR takes effect before serious accidents happen!

The common safety devices mounted directly to transformers often react too late to increasing pressure inside the transformer and can’t prevent explosions. The Transformer Protector reacts at an early stage: Pressure and gases are drained so that explosions are prevented, most transformers can even be repaired! Material damages and with this, repair costs and downtimes, are minimised. A rewarding Investment!


The acquirement of a TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR:

• increases operational safety and protects your employees

• safeguards all facilities in the transformer’s vicinity

• allows fast repair of the transformer and reduces plant shutdowns

• safes the environment


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