Components of ATMoS Transformer Drying Equipment

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All Safe

The ATMoS system consists of one or three absorption filter cartridges and two particle filters. Bigger systems (more absorption filter cartridges in paralle) are available on request.

Molecular Sieve, Pump

The adsorption filter cartridges contain a special granulated material that absorbs moisture on molecular basis. This process is carried out during the normal operation of the transformer without any impact on temperature or pressure conditions. Solely a small, maintenance-free electrical pump is used to support the oil flow through the cartridges.

Stainless Steel Components

Cartridges, valves, frame, catch basin and housing are made of stainless steel. The electrical cabinet is executed waterproof, according to protection class IP65.


All screwed connections are sealed with loctite, the weldings are pressure tested during production.

Hoses and Couplings

The ATMoS system is connected to the inlet / outlet hoses with self-sealing hydraulic couplings. The connections inside the system are carried out with flexible, pressure resistant stainless steel coated PTFE hoses or stainless steel pipes.


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