The TP can be used for all existing or new oil insulated transformers from 0.1 MVA to > 1,000 MVA. Transformers in service do not require mechanical alterations of the tank, existing connections can be used. Since the TP requires few interfaces only, it can be adapted to any existing or new transformer easily.

New Transformers:  During the design phase, the manufacturers receive all information about required Interfaces to equip the transformer housing as follows:

• A flange on the transformer housing, if compatible with flashover and creepage clearances. Alternatively on the side of the tank. The size varies according to the pressure reducing unit suitable to the transformer.

• A rack for the pressure reducing unit.

• A gauge for the feeding of nitrogen, located on the lower surface of the transformer.

Existing Transformers: An Installation document describes all possible configurations to adapt the TP to any existing transformer.  To avoid mechanical alterations of the tank, existing flanges or openings are preferentially used. Gauges for oil probes or filtration on the lower surface of the transformer are tailored for nitrogen injection.

Application Examples:

Transformers of all sizes installed at the following locations:

• Power stations and industrial sites

• Transformer substations, distribution transformers

• Industrial sites with high explosion danger (refineries, offshore facilities, mines)

• Environmentally sensitive areas

• Sites that do not comprise fire separation walls and / or oil sump. TP is the only equipment able to safeguard these facilities.

For all smaller internal transformers from 0,5 to 5 MVA, e.g.:

• Residential buildings, schools, universities, hotels

• Underground stations, airports, hospitals

• Substations for railway


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