Online DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) for transformers is a reasonable safety tool

Well functioning power transformers are crucial for stable high voltage transmission. Transformer shut down or failures can lead to cost intensive power interruptions or, in worst case, cause damages beyond repair of valuable facilities.

Analysis of the gases solved in transformer oil has become a common instrument for early detection and diagnosis of transformer malfunctions. The cost efficient and exact method of online DGA of the most important gases grows in importance.

Features of online DGA:

– Detection of potential failures BEFORE accidents happen

– Prolongation of service intervals and with this, enhancement of working hours

– Prevention of premature aging of the transformer

Different Online-DGA systems to give you the best system for your needs

  • Permanent online supervision of the transformer state
  • Early detection of anomalies
  • Less risk of potential power interruptions
  • Less transformer maintenance effort
  • DGA Monitor maintenance-free
  • No calibration required
  • Enhancement of transformer service life by preventive maintenance
  • Quick reaction in case of failures
  • Simple and quick installation during normal transformer operation
  • Also available for Tap Load Changers!

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